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About us
    Xoceco brand was established in 1985, and its other brand PRIMA is for overseas markets. It is one of the top 500 enterprises in China, mainly producing LED TV. After 30 years operation, PRIMA has become famous brand in China, and do ODM/OEM for overseas customers. In 2013, the company was reconstituted, and Malata Group joined in. In May 2014, the company was officially named as Xiamen Prima Technology Inc.
    PRIMA integrated the best resources of Xoceco, optimize its excellent manufacturing system, Quality Control System, Procurement System, as well as the customers management and support. And the key point, PRIMA cut off all the unnecessary costs, that will make the products more competitive.
    There are two production lines for LED TV produce. PRIMA employ a galaxy of talent from Xoceco. PRIMA will continue the R & D research, and LED TV manufacturing and sales. In the meantime, PRIMA will develop new products for commercial use, such as Outdoor LED display, Smart Box, as well as engineering products especially for school and hospital use.
    PRIMA Technology is starting the R & D research, and marketing planning. As to products, mainly there are two projects, commercial appliances and engineering products. In marketplace, continue to support the existing customers and develop new clients, and also will strongly develop China market.

Vision & Mission
Vision £ºWe strive to become an Advanced TV Designer£¬Manufacturer & Servicer in the world.
Mission£ºDesign, manufacture and delivery high quality TVs to our customers with preferable price. Fulfill our social responsibilities, and create value-added profit for our employees£¬partners and shareholders.

Operation Philosophy
people-oriented, guided by the market demand, to survive with low cost and high quality.

Service Objective
credibility first, comprehensive service, high quality, high efficiency.

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Web Site£ºwww.iPrima.com.cn
Head Office£ºNo.178 , Xin Feng Road , Xiamen , China 361000

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